Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There's a new mental disease

Some of you may be familiar with the political disorder know as BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). It's symptoms include the inability to make or follow a logical argument, calling anyone that disagrees with them a fascist, racist, or any other insult handy, and hatred of all Republicans, and that goes double ChimpyBushHitler. The disorder seems to be transmitted by web sites like like,, and the

Alas, there's a new disorder similar to BDS that seems to be afflicting some folks over on the Right side of the political spectrum. It's called CPC (Conservative Persecution Complex). It's symptoms include obsessing over holiday greetings, calling anyone that disagrees with them a commie, godless sinner or any other insult handy, and a hatred of all things Democrat, and that goes double for Hitlery Clinton (aka She whose Name must not be uttered). This disease seems to be infesting the web site and has for quite some time.

As you can see, both disorders share certain symptoms. Other shared symptoms include but aren't limited to:

1) Each considers the other evil.
2) Each considers the other's politics to be totalitarian.
3) Neither seem capable of accepting that the other's views are arrived at in good faith.
4) Neither seem to want to actually persuade the other to see things their way.
5) Neither seem able to comprehend that their extremist rhetoric does nothing to further their cause.

The cure is for these two disorders is:

1) Understanding that a person's political views are shaped by their basic worldview. It's only natural that people of differing worldviews would have differing political views. You can only change a person's political views by changing their worldview.
2) Understand that because people do have different worldviews, there are always going to be political disagreements.
3) Accept that the other side holds their positions in good faith.
4) Be a little humble about your own views. While you believe your political views to be correct, there is that possibility that you just may be wrong, and the other guy right.
5) Try to persuade the other side, instead of castigating them.
6) Stop the name calling. Disagree without being disagreeable. Calling each other extremists all the time does nothing to further your causes.

Here's hoping everyone will be cured of these two insidious disorders. Remember, a free country is a terrible thing to waste.


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