Monday, November 21, 2005

You know it's TV sweeps week.....

....when the local news advertises a big feature news story on escort services (SEX SELLS), like station KMOV-Channel 4 did the previous weekend. Larry Conners, the station's anchorman, seemed to be channeling Claude Rains in Casablanca as he narrated the promotional spots for the story. Larry was shocked, shocked I say, to report that escorts operate right here in Saint Louis, in 2005 no less, thumbing their nose at the law and making way too much money while doing so.

Come on, is any one really surprised that the world's oldest profession is still being practiced right here in good old Saint Louis? Does anyone really care? I don't as I certainly don't consider prostitution to be a crime in and of itself.

Is it sinful? Yes, based on any reasonable understanding of Judeo-Christian teachings. Is it criminal? Hardly, as sexual intercourse between consenting adults that doesn't involve force or fraud cannot, by definition, be criminal.

I say legalize it and require regular medical exams of prostitutes. As for soliciting on the street, that can either be prohibited or zoned to specific areas and times in non-residential areas. Otherwise, leave the prostitutes and their customers alone. Legalization will make it safer for the prostitutes and their customers, aid in controlling STD's, weed out violent pimps and organized crime, and eliminate police and law enforcement corruption.

However, the biggest benefit would be no more titillating stories during quarterly sweeps weeks informing us that, unbelievable as it may seem, un-saved people still do un-saved things. Even in 2005.

One more thought, who is the bigger prostitute here? Is it the women who sell their bodies to a man for pleasure? Or is it the TV news organization that just happens (now I'm shocked) to do a story about escorts during "sweeps week" when local TV ratings are measured, affecting the station's advertising revenues for the next quarter? It's a toss-up, at best. However, I do know which one is the more honest of the two. Sorry Channel 4, you lose in the honesty sweepstakes.


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