Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hooters in the news

Once again, the restaurant chain Hooters finds itself in the news. Here's an editorial from the Daily News in Philadelphia, opining on a former Hooters waitress' sexual harassment suit against the chain. I have to say, I find nothing to disagree with in this particular editorial.

Let's be honest here, Hooters is a restaurant chain that makes its money by selling decent pub grub and cold brews, all served by comely young waitresses dressed in tight t-shirts and short shorts. The mode of dress of its wait staff is well known to one and all. The name of the chain gives the game away, as hooters is a slang term for a woman's breasts (as anyone who has watched a few episodes of Married With Childern can atest to).

Any waitress that expects to work in a sexually neutral atmosphere should not take a job at an establishment named Hooters. End of story. I'm hungy now, where's the nearest Hooters?


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