Thursday, December 15, 2005

McNabb vs. Mondesire

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has received some harsh criticisms from J. Whyatt "Jerry" Mondesire, the head of the NAACP in Philadelphia in an article in the Philadelphia Sun. You can read Mondesire's entire article in the body of this story here in the Philidelphia Daily News. One caveat here, Modesire is not speaking for the NAACP, but for himself only.

My take? Well, like the comments at the bottom of the linked article, Mondesire does score some points as to McNabb's play. I my own opinion, McNabb is a slightly better than average QB on a very solid team. And the Eagles record prior to this year's disasterous season speaks for itself, with four straight NFC Championship Game appearances and a trip to the Super Bowl earlier this year. There's many an NFL franchise that would gladly trade places with the Eagles over this same period.

As for Mondesire's assertion that McNabb is playing the race card? I don't see it. It's a shame really. McNabb seems like a pretty decent guy just trying to do his best for his team like most pro atheletes. The only person I see playing the race card here is Mondesire himself, using his stature as the head of the NAACP to blast a QB when he's down and hoping his position in the NAACP will lend credibility to it. Shameful.


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