Friday, December 16, 2005

More on the Iraqi elections

Here's an interesting editorial from today's WSJ on yesterday's Iraqi elections. Note that email registration may be required.

While the entire article is informative and interesting, this excerpt really caught my eye:

Another mark of success is that no one really knows which parties will emerge victorious. In that sense, the vote was more genuinely competitive than the average U.S. Congressional election.
Ponder that second sentence for a moment. It really is true. Both parties have gerrymandered so many safe seats for themselves over the decades that the outcomes of most elections in most districts is a foregone conclusion.

I think it was author and columnist Jacob Sullum who commented recently that he found it rather ironic and hypcritical that our elected representatives would pontificate about steroids affecting the competitive nature of sports, when these same representatives do everything in their power to make sure their own elections are as uncompetitive as possible.


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