Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No reprieve for Tookie

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to let stand the death sentence in the case of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. You can read about it here.

I commend the Governor on his decision. Mr. Williams murdered four people and does not deserve any mercy from the people of California.

Of course, Mr. Williams and his lawyers were clever in conducting their campaign to get Tookie off of death row. Tookie's main claim to clemency was some children's books he authored while in prison where he discourages youngsters from joining street gangs. From this, his lawyers were able to recruit the usual Hollywood liberals to his cause.

The fact of the matter, however, is that those books were likely written by his lawyers, not Tookie himself. Another little known fact about those books is that only a few hundred were ever printed. But the mere fact that anti-gang literature could be attributed to a gang leader was enough to get many on the "spare Tookie" bandwagon.

I take no joy in Tookie's demise. While he is responible and accountable for his own misdeeds, he and others like him are the creation of the black power movements of the 60's and 70's which were legitimized by white liberals. The lives of countless numbers of young black men have been wasted by their acceptance of the belief that behind every white face is a white KKK hood. On top of that you can throw in the War on Drugs that creates a lucrative black market and the mob violence it generates, and the creation of men like Tookie Williams is inevitable.

Yes, Tookie deserves to die for his crimes. However, if we truly wish to end the cycle of violence that plagues many of our cities, we will bring an end to the misguided and ill-conceived War on Drugs.

UPDATE: There was no stay of execution granted for Williams by the federal courts. He's been executed for his crimes.


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