Tuesday, January 03, 2006

College Football Mania

Word on the street is that college football junkies have already reserved their spots in rehab centers around the country, in preparation for the ending of the college football season following tomorrow night's Rose Bowl game.

I've certainly enjoyed the games I've viewed over the last several days. Let's just hope the Rose Bowl game between Texas and USC lives up to all the hype. I think it will.

One thing though. Let's stop all this nonsense that USC is going for its third straight National Championship. USC did not win the National Championship two years ago, LSU did. USC was ranked #1 in the final AP poll for that year, but that no longer counts. LSU finished #1 in the BCS, and that is the national championship. The whole Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was put in place so that a true national champion can be crowned. Prior to the BCS, the national championship was based on the UPI and AP polls after all the bowl games were played. It was mythical.

The fact that the AP puts out a poll is irrelevant since the invention of the BCS. To claim a national championship based on poll that is no longer relevant is just bad form by USC and its supporters. The fact that the BCS is flawed is irrelevant too. The major conferences wanted a championship, and they got it with the BCS. The Pac-10 (which USC is a member) was one of the major conferences to that signed onto the BCS, so it should tell USC that they were not co-champs two years ago.


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